Central Florida

Success Training Seminars

WHEN January 24 - 25 Kickoff 08:00 AM
WHERE Daytona Beach Mary McLeod Bethune Performing Arts Center

Early Registration

Early registration will be on Friday, January 23 from 6 PM - 9 PM at the hotel .

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VIP Qualifications using volume from January 2014

January Kickoff begins
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  • January 2015 Kickoff
    Special Guest Speaker

    Event Schedule

    Mary McLeod Bethune Performing Arts
    698 International Speedway Blvd
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114


    January 2015 Kickoff Qualifications

    VIP seating 15K Volume Oct - Dec
    Dinner Qualification 20K Volume Oct - Dec
    Open party for everyone Saturday Night

    Florida STS VIP volume for October November and December 2014

    NameMarketing LevelVolume#
    sawyer, mark & lucinaMillionaire Team43,4261
    Anema, ClaudiaMillionaire Team30,1652
    Franchetti, Bobbie & John President Team30,0003
    Kennedy, TylaActive World Team29,6584
    Burr, DebbieActive World Team28,0045
    Stevenson, JamesGet Team27,8706
    Harrington, Dan & OrlynMillionaire Team27,5237
    Louis, Chris Active World Team26,2058
    Wienkes, ConnerActive World Team25,2859
    schmid, tim & amyWorld Team25,13210
    Newman, abbeActive World Team25,11111
    Schachter, AndrewWorld Team25,00812
    blum, cliff & melissaWorld Team23,97613
    Hubbell, MelissaWorld Team23,97614
    kalandyk, tywinGet Team23,39915
    Pritz, ShaiMillionaire Team22,95416
    manzueta, darwinGet Team21,92017
    Foley, JilianActive World Team21,76518
    Bocco, Julie & RichardGet Team21,66219
    Misleh, LaunaGet Team21,34220
    Rodriguez, ChristinaWorld Team21,18821
    Thomas , Dave and Eve Millionaire Team20,82422
    Golinello, LeeGet Team20,76423
    Deveronica, CoreyGet Team20,51024
    Umstattd, Bill/KarenMillionaire Team20,30025
    szasz, Amber & JimGet Team20,20526
    Iacopelli, JenniferMillionaire Team20,03827
    De La Cruz , Sergio Millionaire Team20,00028
    Hester, NicoleGet Team19,61429
    Sousa, DeboraGet Team19,15230
    Rose, Tom & KathieMillionaire Team18,95031
    Brockway, ClaireGet Team18,85232
    Dugans, MarsheaActive World Team18,69833
    Sagy, IthamarMillionaire Team18,42234
    Robb, TeresaGet Team18,24335
    anzellini, VincentGet Team18,19536
    Richards, GregGet Team16,53437
    Sterrett, BrianActive World Team16,53338
    Jones, Kyle & Crystal Active World Team16,44339
    maslar, sarahWorld Team16,25840
    Hodge, MaryannWorld Team16,01541
    Jaimes, ClaudiaMillionaire Team15,90942
    Zavala, FernandoWorld Team15,79543
    Edwards, CarmenMillionaire Team15,67444
    Paoli, MarcelaGet Team15,59845
    CASTILLO, LUZGet Team15,10246
    shalom, Alex World Team15,03047
    santamaria, marthaActive World Team15,00048
    Miller, Katia& Daniel Get Team14,34349
    Hodge, ChrisGet Team2,69550

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